Rules of playing the Laser Tag Game

With fast growing popularity among children in playing the laser tag games, there has been a craze in participating in the competitive laser tag game. The fun and excitement experienced in playing the game is unparallel compared to any other form of games. To participate in the game, you need to know the rules of playing the game before embarking onto the playing arena. This game is a sport where you are not allowed to come in contact with others while playing.

  1. The first and most important thing you have to keep in mind while playing the laser tag game is not to come in contact with others. You are penalized for intentional contact but after first warning. By contact, it means body contact or contact of the laser tag equipment.
  2. You should ensure to tag the laser tag beam and it is dishonorable to prevent any laser tag beam from being tagged by a sensor. During the course of the game, a player has the right to shout “sensor” if any player blocks the sensor. The player who has the sensor blocked shall have to run away unless a duel is on with somebody else.
  3. The sensor should always be audible. It is dishonoring, if you try to mask the sound of the sensor. You should always keep the sensor indicator free so that it can emit the loudest possible noise. This creates more fun while playing the game.
  4. You will be disqualified if your laser tag equipment is faulty. It is necessary that you check your own equipment before playing. But if the equipment is provided by the host, you will allow a time out for the period taken for replacement of the laser tag equipment.
  5. A faulty sensor or a sensor that has been pulled off, must immediately be put back. A player should not use the weapon until the sensor is worn. The player has quit from the contest if his sensor starts malfunctioning. The sensor can only be tagged when it is attached to a player. A player may be penalized for twice as many tags as the tags done on the opponent’s sensor if the sensor is unattached.
  6. The sensor must be activated while playing a competitive laser tag game. If the sensor is reset or not turned on at the beginning of the contest, the player is disqualified immediately.
  7. A player has to quit if he takes course of taking advantage of a foe who has befallen.
  8. Showing fits of temper or being angry with opponents is not the part of the laser tag game. The main purpose is to have fun.
  9. This game is a team game and each individual player must take the competitive laser tag game very sportingly, leaving aside individual success or failures.

It is advisable to know the rules thoroughly before participating in the game, or otherwise a participant may have to quit well in advance before the end.

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