Lasertag Equipment

Laser Tag Equipment

With growing popularity of laser tag games and the competitive flavor added to them, have made them household names particularly among children. The laser tag equipments play the most important part in these games and the use of them needs practice and effort. There are big and small manufacturers of laser tag equipment. While some are designed for bigger arenas, some others are perfectly suited for smaller ones.
To be a successful laser tag operator, you will need to find the perfect laser tag equipment which is suited for type of arena, the operating costs and the return which it gives in terms of performance. Malfunctioning equipment will totally spoil the atmosphere and all the fun you expect would be not there. These are sophisticated gears for the tag games and are built with the aid of latest technology.

It is the battery life of the equipment together with the arena layout and number of players that combine to provide excitement and fun while playing and at the same time watching these tag games. Competitive laser tag games require more sophisticated equipments as the games are played in a professional way. Big tournaments have high prize stakes and as such the players are always dependant on their tag equipments which are required to be of the highest standard.
The main functions of the laser tag equipment are to transmit and receive information. Efficient functioning of the equipments depends on fiber optics, Infra Red Laser and Radio Frequency. An efficient RF system will not allow the interference during the game and thus delaying it. The system will allow the equipments to change channels automatically in case of interference and thus ensuring smooth functioning of the equipment. Sophisticated surface mount RF circuit board and internal antennae helps in transmitting critical data. High quality RF laser tag system is programmable easily with providing the necessary statistics to the players.
Infrared technology plays the most important role in the manufacture of laser tag equipments. The major activities of the gadget are controlled by IR which involves two kinds of rays. They are the laser beam and an infrared beam. While the laser beam helps the players to visualize, the infrared beam which travels alongside the laser beam transmits data. The synchronization of these two beams are important for providing the perfect efficiency to the equipment and in the course make the competitive laser tag game more exciting an full of fun.
Laser Transmission system helps in targeting the object with pin point accuracy. Players participating in competitive laser tag games will demand perfect targeting of over 500 foot and eliminates and false hits or making the beams misaligned. Targets are seen to be mounted on vests, phasers and waist belts. The targets are hit by Light Emitting diodes and if deactivated, they are reactivated at a reactivation station.
Phasers or Laser Housing are attached by a cord to the vest and helps in producing the sound effects, player’s score and various information including time remaining.


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