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How to Play Laser Tag Games

Laser tag games are becoming popular day by day and are an ideal way to spend some time with your friends or family experiencing some thrilling moments of fun and excitement. The basic of the laser tag games is to defend yourself from alien attacks and target your enemies in the ambience of a futuristic space theme. The sound and special effects will enthrall you while participating in these competitive laser tag games. You feel your heart throb in excitement while handling the laser tag equipment. But you should know how very well how to play the laser tag games or else you might be always on the losing side.

  1. Finding the destination is the primary thing in this game. It may be quite difficult in pin pointing your target especially in low light conditions. But once you find your target you start attacking.
  2. You must wear dark colored clothes to fit into the very low light ambience. If there is any logo on your dress try to minimize it and avoid any light color portion on your dress before you take on the laser tag equipment. Black lights will make light or white colors glow in the darkness and this may result in you being spotted.
  3. Before embarking to play the competitive laser tag game, make yourself aware of the rules and procedure of playing the game. The playing conditions and equipment depends on the facility.
  4. Once you are ready, enter the playing arena as quickly as possible to make yourself adjusted with the low light condition. You will find different ways to adjust to the ambience of the arena and to be acquainted with the laser tag equipment.
  5. Once in the arena, find yourself a vantage position to start playing. Avoid positioning yourself close to the others and do not come out in the open.
  6. Try to find a good hiding spot which will enable you from being noticed and at the same time spot your enemies. Ambushing is an important part of the laser tag game.
  7. Before starting to fire test whether your laser is drifting.
  8. Start firing at those who aim at the kill zones but it may vary from zone to zone and laser tag equipment like gun, earpiece, waist and chest.
  9. When you are in a disadvantageous position and being shot at, take immediate cover and stay from your aggressor.
  10. Target the flashing lights which move towards you and shoot at the source as it comes near you. You will have sheer fun and excitement in defending yourself.
  11. Running around the laser tag game arena will lead you to be spotted. Instead stay in groups and look out for the laser lights.
  12. Use group tactics while playing a competitive laser tag game. Take cover by being covered by your group and then fire as soon as the other group attacks your group members.

It is total fun in participating in a laser tag game for the thrill and excitement provided by it.

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