What Is Lasertag?

What is laser tag?

Among all high tech games, the laser tag is an innovative computerized game which provides you the peak of excitement and ultimate thrill in participating. Played in a 5000 square foot multi level arena, it is a game which involves the players to play hide and seek and then tag to capture the flag. The object of the game is to defend your base from the opponents and at the same time score points. It is playing in the laser arena and experiencing an unforgettable experience when walking through a labyrinth designed in futuristic space theme. Flashing of color and light intermittently and loud music with themed props makes the technologically sophisticated arena into a battle field where players protect themselves from the bombarding of the laser beams. It is nonstop excitement and fun handling laser tag equipment.

This competitive laser tag game is designed for children aged 7 years and above and a party package allows up to 8 players to participate. There are 36 vests with accommodation in some places capable to hold 4 parties simultaneously. The spacious rooms have a seating capacity of around 100 with a number of entrance and exits. In order to play the game or in other words have the party, you are required to book at least 7 days in advance to book your arena.
The party package price includes food, drinks and participation in the game including laser tag equipment. You have the option to add any party decorations over and above those arranged by the host. In order to be ready in time, you are required to arrive at least fifteen minutes before time. If you are interested to distribute goodies, you can do so at the end of the game. Birthday parties at these laser tag games arena are worth remembering for a lifetime. Parents do not have to organize anything and instead watch the hosts conducting the party in an efficient manner to enthrall the participants. You will be entertained for a couple of hour’s nonstop thrill and fun with three competitive laser tag games on offer along with pizzas, soda, napkins, plates and cups.
Corporate events can also be organized at these places. You have the option to hold your seminars or conferences ending with fun and excitement with laser tag games for the staff and guests.
Among hundreds of competitive laser tag games, the Movie Scenarios and the Classic game Variation are popular and exciting laser tag games. The movie scenarios games involve battle for supremacy in simulations like Star Wars, Highlander, Alien, Predator and Star Trek. The Classic game variation includes the capture the flag, paintball style and the hunter and rabbit. Other laser tag games which have become favorites for children are the Role Playing games, Laser War and Laser risk. These are the games with laser tag equipments like laser weapons and you will feel like being actually in the space trying to defend yourself from the aliens.
With growing popularity of Laser tag games, parents have found a means of entertainment for their children in the best way possible. The experience of playing a laser tag game is unforgettable.